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Who is CLaW Publishing?

We are a story first studio.

We are creator of worlds.

Creators of stories.

Information and courses.

Fiction and non-fiction

If there is something to be told, we want to do it, regardless of the media.

Claw Publishing is owned and operated By Pieter Wynand Pretorius and Len Du Randt




Our Story

…It started with an old blogging site

What do you get when two “wantabe” writers miraculously find one another on a blogging platform?

A coffee date.

Between two dudes.

That is how founders Len Du Randt and Wynand Pretorius met up. 

And Claw was born…however we did not know it yet…


Because we first had to built a Book Binding Jig

 So we shared our passion for writing. 

And in the good old days of the mid 2000’s there was very little opportunity to self publish. And print runs was way to expensive…still is…

So Wynand did what all good “wanta-publishers” did back then. 

Built a book binding jig. 

The idea was simple. 

(Got it from a $9.99 info product…got the wood)

Print on your laser printer and then use this home made wooden jig to bind your books. 

It worked.

The final product looked hideous.

So we decided to import a binder from China…

However, just before we poured our small budget down the proverbial rabbit hole…


Kindle Changed the Game

When Amazon launched and opened Kindle Direct Publishing it changed our lives.

We immediately jumped on board. 

Created our own accounts. 

Shared our sales. 

Got that first paycheck.

Man does that sweet ink smell good. 


The Zombie Breakfast

So we decided to collaborate.

And what does two dudes do on a Saturday Morning.

Have a breakfast and plan a zombie book.

Kill them Dead…

And with it Claw Publishing was officially borne


Books, Books and Books

So we wrote and produced nearly 200 titles in various genres.

Then we decided…


Why Not Apps and Websites


We expanded our knowledge and Claw Publishing moved away from its core.

For a while we were app developers, website and digital marketing consultants

All good.

Always learning.

Started to hate it though.

The storytellers in us needed to be freed again. 


Get back to our core 


We needed to get back telling stories.

Creating solid courses.

Life changing non-fiction.

So that is where we are today.

Full circle – apart from the book binding jig…

Still doing breakfast. 

Still doing coffee dates…

And this is where we are going to stay.


How We Work

From our story it should be clear…

We are far from conventional…

We even might be borderline crazy, but lets keep that a secret shall we?

So no, we are not a normal Publisher. We don’t open for submissions.

We create our own stories or buy out the rights from those we believe will fit our brand. 

We are entrepreneurs, always pushing the boundaries. 

We create stories, and author brands…and we own both. 

We also do non-fiction, courses and content. 

We don’t stick to genre, format or type.  

Short and sweet, we love what we do. 

Always focusing on a story first approach.

We will excuse you if this does not make any sense…