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Every day, more and more consumers are accessing the Internet through their mobile phones instead of desktop computers. Smartphones aren’t just a profitable addition to the online marketing toolbox, but has instead become a top priority for any company doing business online. Because of the steep price points, decent mobile marketing apps have been completely out of reach to the average small to medium enterprise.

This is no longer the case!

It does not matter whether you own a restaurant, a salon, an IT firm, or a consulting company. CLaW Publishing will create a marketing app that showcases your business by promoting your unique products and services, generating new leads, and rewarding your loyal customers.

Take a look at the features listed below, and then contact us to order your very own affordable Mobile Marketing App today!


Main Menu

From here, your customers can navigate through your entire app, and interact with the features most important to them. Simply select your template, and you’re set!


Company Info

Customers can access core information about your business, even when offline.

Image Gallery

The gallery can be used to show customers more about the behind-the-scenes workings of your company. Alternatively, it would be perfect for photographer portfolios or before/after images for salons.

Products & Services

Showcase your products and services here, and then allow your customers to order or book whatever they need directly through your app.


Booking & Ordering

Your customer has seen your product range and service offerings, browsed your gallery, and is ready to order or book. Your app will enable them to do so instantly, allowing the customer to strike while the iron is hot; leaving you with scorching leads.


Reward your loyal customers with discounts or free offerings through an innovative coupon system.

Other Features Include:

  • About Us section for a brief overview of your company
  • Meet the Team gives your business a human element
  • Contact Us allows customers to get hold of you effortlessly
  • Share This App enables your customers to promote your app, thus turning them into brand ambassadors
  • Push Notifications lets you instantly notify your customers about new products or developments