Training 4: Discount Coupon


Hi Guys

The Below Video explains the Coupon/Loyalty Section




Training 3: Recruiter Portal


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The Below Video explains the recruiter portal




Training 2: Driving Internal Downloads


Hi Guys

The Below Video explains the process of driving internal downloads.




Introduction to your Branch App


Hi Guys

Below is a video introduction to your branch app. Please ensure that all personnel view the video. It is fairly short and will give you insight on how the app works.




Now that you know how the app work, please note the following:

  1. This is YOUR app. In other words, we need input from you on how this app can best work in YOUR unique branch environment. Be creative, we can do a lot of cool things that might better your business.
  2. Drive internal downloads! There is no excuse (unless you do not have an Android phone) that your branch app is not on your phone. This includes all branch staff.
  3. Next share to your close family and friends. Ask them  to download the app. We understand they might not be a potential client, but that is not the purpose. The purpose is for each branch to get to  50 downloads fast. We need it for rankings and SEO
  4. Next you need to ask for reviews. Again it is very important for rankings.
  5. Lastly, start getting your recruiters to download the app and send you leads from all over. It is truly a system that will allow them to share leads from anywhere.